Watershed-level Studies

Notes: Adobe Reader required for download. This is a large file and requires a broadband connection to download in a reasonable time.

Description of Existing Wetland Resources in the St. Croix River Headwaters Watershed (May 2012)

Watershed Study Summary (Color Booklet)
St Croix Headwaters – Watershed Study Summary June 2013

Watershed Study Preliminary Implementation Plan (August 2013)
St Croix Headwaters – Preliminary Implementation Plan August 2013

Final Watershed Study Report from the UW-Stevens Point Center for Watershed Science and Education: “Creating Regional Watershed-based Hydraulic, and Nutrient Models for Local Scale Use in the Upper St. Croix – Eau Rivers Watershed”  (February 2011)

Identifying Potential Runoff Contributing Areas in a Glaciated Landscape Using A GIS-Based Model – Jacob Macholl Master’s Thesis, Upper St. Croix Headwaters Area (December 2009)

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