Board of Directors

The picture at the left, taken in June 2009, shows our Board with brand new equipment for our Canoes on Wheels (COW) program.

This picture is worth a thousand words as it reflects the passion, insights, and energy of our Board members.

At a Board retreat in August 2008, the Canoes on Wheels project was born.  The idea was that all local kids should have the opportunity to go canoeing on our lakes and rivers by the time they granduate from high school — at no-cost to local schools and youth groups.  Also, local teachers and youth leaders should receive free training in canoe safety and the management of canoeing groups.  By the spring of 2009, we had found community and financial support for a custom trailer and eight new canoes.  Our first educational workshop was held in April 2009 and the first canoe outing took place in May 2009 on Upper St. Croix Lake.

FOTSCH Board Members and Officers with term expiration dates:

Judy Aspling, President June 2018
Vacant June 2016
Vacant June 2017
James Heim, Treasurer June 2017
Carole Rusch June 2016
Vacant June 2018
Scott Peterson, Secretary June 2018
Lynn Zimek June 2016
Joanne Zosel June 2017

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